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Note: The Philippine Consulate General (PCG) only certifies the NBI Form that is required in obtaining an NBI Clearance. It is the NBI in the Philippines that issues the NBI Clearance, not the PCG.


A. FOR NEW APPLICANTS or those renewing NBI Clearance Certificates

     issued prior to 2014

1. Obtain an NBI Clearance application form (NBI Form No.5) from the Philippine Consulate General (PCG). The form is free and not for sale. Just present your passport and valid ID.

    A relative in the Philippines can also secure said form from the Mailed Clearance Section, 3rd Floor, NBI Clearance        Building, UN Ave., Manila.


If you are unable to personally come to the PCG, your authorized representative may get the form on your behalf. You may also request for the NBI Form in writing by sending a written request to the:

Philippine Consulate General, Calgary

Suite 920   517 10 Ave SW Calgary, AB, T2R 0A8

and include the following in your mail:

     (a) complete name, address, email address, and telephone number in the letter-request;

     (b) copy of valid passport and ID, and;

     (c) self-addressed return envelope (preferably a regional envelope that can be tracked) that will be used to send

           the NBI Form to your address.


2.Fill-out the form. In case you are a married woman, the order of writing is as follows:

     (a) Your maiden surname (family name or surname of your father);

     (b) Your first name or given name;

     (c)Your maternal surname (maiden surname of your mother), and;

     (d) Your husband’s surname or family name (on the space provided for).

3. Attach a 2x2 picture in white background taken within three (3) months prior to application in the space provided for in the NBI Form, and a photocopy of your valid passport and other IDs.

4. A consular assistant at the PCG will assist you in taking ROLLED IMPRESSIONS of your fingerprints which will be affixed on the NBI Form.

If you are unable to personally be at the PCG for the fingerprint impression, you may go to your nearest police station and have your fingerprint taken on the NBI Form. At the lower back portion of the Form, the police officer who took your fingerprint impression must sign his name, state his official designation, and stamp the seal of their office and the date when the fingerprint impression was taken. (This will be certified by the PCG. The PCG’s certification will be at the front portion of the NBI Form).

Send the NBI Form by mail to the PCG for certification/verification. Include in the mailing envelope the following:

     (a) Completed NBI Form No.5;

     (b) Photocopy of passport and photo ID;

     (c) Bank draft or money order in the amount of CAD 36.25 (exact amount) payable to the

          “PHILIPPINE CONSULATE GENERAL CALGARY” (Please use these exact words. No abbreviations. Otherwise,

           the bank will not accept your bank draft or money order.), for the PCG certification/verification fee, and;

     (d) Self-addressed return envelope (preferably a regional envelope that can be tracked) that will be used to send

           the PCG-CERTIFIED/VERIFIED NBI Form including your Official Receipt.



5. After the taking of fingerprint at the PCG, pay the certification/verification fee of CAD 36.25. The PCG Cashier will issue an Official Receipt and your PCG-certified/verified NBI Form 5 will be released to you. 


6. Upon receipt of your PCG-certified/verified NBI Form No.5, send the form to the NBI or to your authorized representative (letter of authorization is required) in the Philippines who must submit the completed form to:



Chief, Information and Communication Technology Division

4th Floor, NBI Clearance Building,

UN Avenue, Ermita, Manila


Enclose the amount of Two Hundred Pesos (PhP 200.00), , or you can . NBI Clearance fee is only One Hundred Thirty Pesos (PhP 130.00). The remaining Seventy Pesos (PhP 70.00) will be used to send the clearance certificate through the Philippine Post.


If you or your representative opt to (please see Item No.7 below), you can select the mode of payment that is most convenient to you. Please take note that payment may vary depending on the payment channel.


For more inquiries, you can call the NBI at telephone no. 5238231 loc 5465 or email them at  


According to the NBI, processing time for application will take a maximum of five (5) days upon receipt of documents. The NBI Clearance certificate is now being issued for “MULTI-PURPOSE” in blue clearance form.

7. Other than the instructions above, new applicants are also required to register online at An applicant is required to sign-up and sign-in to apply for clearance. Select NBI Clearance Center as your preferred NBI site. Select a payment channel (e.g. Bayad Center) to complete your transaction where a reference number will appear on the screen. Copy this reference number which will serve as the NBI’s code in the retrieval of the applicant’s data and status of application at the upper portion of your application.


B. FOR RENEWAL OF NBI CLEARANCE issued from 2014 onwards


  • Applicants who were previously issued NBI Clearance Certificates from 2014 onwards can renew their NBI Clearance Certificate directly with the NBI without the need for a new fingerprint card, provided that no changes are made on their personal data.


  • Send the following requirements to your authorized representative in the Philippines who will file the application on your behalf with the NBI:


  1. Authorization letter;

  2. Old NBI Clearance Certificate;

  3. A 2x2 photo taken within the last three (3) months;

  4. Photocopy of your valid passport; and

  5. Fee of PhP 200.00.

You may also mail your application directly to:


​3rd Floor, NBI Clearance Building,

UN Avenue, Manila


For more inquiries, you can call the NBI at telephone no. 5238231 loc 5465 or email them at


  • Processing of applications will take a maximum of five (5) days upon receipt of documents.


  • Upon receipt of the clearance certificate, examine it for the presence of embossed NBI dry-seal. Affix right thumb mark on the space provided for.