What is a Travel Document?

In case of emergency, a Filipino national may apply for a Travel Document (TD) at the Philippine Consulate General (PCG) to be used for one-way travel to the Philippines in lieu of a valid Philippine passport. Please note that the Travel Document is issued only for emergency or urgent travel to the Philippines and is issued to a Filipino citizen who has lost his/her passport; has an expired passport; cannot be issued a regular passport; or is being sent back to PH.

The PCG requests clients not to submit their applications hours before their flight or on the day of their flight to avoid travel delays.


How can I apply for a Travel Document?

Email scanned copies or photos of the following documents to and indicate "Emergency Travel Document Application" in the email's subject. You will receive instructions via email on the next steps to take. Please mention the reason for the urgent/emergency travel to the Philippines and the date of departure.


What are the requirements?

Following are the requirements:

  1. Duly-accomplished Application Form (Download Form)

  2. Data page of Philippine passport 

  3. VALID immigration documents, e.g., PR card, work permit, Canadian visa 

  4. Three (3) passport-size (3.5cm x 4.5cm) colored photos taken within the last three months

  5. Plane ticket / travel itinerary

  6. Proof of urgency of travel 

  7. Payment of processing fee of CAD 43.50 through bank draft or money order payable to the PHILIPPINE CONSULATE GENERAL CALGARY (Note: Please use these exact words and do not abbreviate. Otherwise the bank will not accept your bank drank. Personal cheques are not accepted.)

  8. New / unused, self-addressed envelope, preferably with tracking features, to be used in mailing to you your Travel Document.


Processing of TD application may take three (3) business days upon receipt of the documents.

How long is the validity of a Travel Document?

The TD is valid for only one (1) month from the date of issue. 

The TD is valid only for a one-way direct travel to the Philippines.

* Applicants are advised to inform the airline of their choice prior to booking that they are holding a Travel Document. The PCG received feedback that some airlines do not accept passengers holding a Travel Document.*