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Consular Services Fees

Consular Services Fees

I. Passport Services
a. New Passport/Renewal of Existing Passport 87.00
b. Extension of Passport Validity 36.25
c. Travel Document 43.5
d. Lost Passport Replacement - Green/Brown/MRP/MRRP Passport 130.50
e. Lost Passport Replacement - ePassport 217.50
f. Affidavit of Lost/Mutilated Passport 36.25
II. Visa Services
A. Non-visa Required Aliens (9a)
1. Single entry, 3 months validity 43.50
2. Multiple entry, 6 months validity 87.00
3. Multiple entry, 1 year validity 130.50
B. Visa Required Alients (9a) - Single entry, 3 months validity 58.00
C. Transit Visa (9b) - Single entry valid for 3 months, for stays no longer than 72 hours
1. Non-Visa Required aliens 29.00
2. Visa Required aliens 58.00
D. Seafarer - Individual (9c) 29.00
III. Notarials and Miscellaneous Services
a. Notarization of documents (Jurat/Acknowledgement/Authentication/Certification) 36.25
b. Civil Registration (Birth/Marriage/Death) 36.25
IV. Retention/Re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship
a. Adult applicant (Principal) 72.50
b. Dependent 36.25
Expedite Fee for Notarials & authentication 14.50

Payments should be made in Canadian Dollars either in cash, bank draft, postal money order, debit card, or credit card (with 2.4% convenience fee applied for credit card only). Personal cheques are NOT accepted.

Bank drafts or postal money order should be made payable to PHILIPPINE CONSULATE GENERAL CALGARY.. (Note: Please use these exact words and do not abbreviate. Otherwise, the bank will not accept your bank draft or money order.)

For Video Conference Hearing (VCH) Venue Rental, rates will depend on the chosen room. The Library is 226.20 while the Conference Room is 417.60.