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NBI Clearance Outside the Philippines

NBI Clearance Outside the Philippines


(Note: Only those who secured NBI clearance before 2014 and would like to apply for renewal or those who will apply for the first time need to accomplish this form. The NBI has a digital record of those who applied for clearance from 2014 onward. The NBI clearance issued in 2014 or later may be renewed online. For more information, please visit this link -

1. Fill out this NBI Clearance Form No. 5.

2. Attach a 2x2 picture in white background taken within three (3) months prior to application in the space provided for in the NBI Form, and a photocopy of your valid passport and other IDs.

3. Proceed to the fingerprinting company of your choice from the RCMP list of accredited fingerprinting agencies in:


(; and Saskatchewan: (

You may also consult your local police station on their list of accredited fingerprinting service providers.

4. You must have ROLLED IMPRESSIONS of your fingerprints taken on the NBI Form. At the lower back portion of the NBI Form, the officer who took your fingerprint impression must sign his name, state his official designation, and stamp the seal of his/her office and the date when the fingerprint impression was taken.

5. Once you have accomplished the NBI form and your fingerprints have been taken by the RCMP or it’s accredited fingerprinting service agency with the affixed stamp/seal and authorized signature, send this and the other requirements (i.e., extra ID photos and copies of passport & IDs) to your designated representative in the Philippines who will apply for the NBI clearance certificate on your behalf at the NBI Main Office in Manila.

You must provide an authorization letter for your representative to apply on your behalf. Your NBI clearance certificate will be released to your representative, who will then have to send it to you.

6. Register online at New applicants are required to sign up and to sign in to apply for a clearance. Take note of the reference number that will appear on screen after registering as this will serve as the NBI’s code in the retrieval of the applicant’s data and status of application.

This process also applies to foreign nationals who reside in the Philippines and are required to submit an NBI Clearance Certificate.

NBI CONTACT DETAILS, based on the website, are as follows:

NBI Clearance Center

NBI Clearance Building

United Nations Avenue, Ermita

Manila, Philippines 1000

For NBI Clearance Inquiries:

Call Tel.: 8523.82.31 to 38 Local 5523, 5430 & 5509

Call Tel.: 8524.12.77

Call Tel.: 8522.87.88

0927.047.58.71 / 0917.999.94.21 / 0920.412.99.99

Email Address :